Troubleshooting Leaky Windows

"Room with window leaks during a storm, highlighting issues like water intrusion, mold growth, and sealant failure due to inadequate weather stripping.

Step 1: Understanding Window Design and Initial Checks

Modern windows incorporate specific design features such as weep holes and internal chambers intended to facilitate the drainage of water away from residential structures. These mechanisms are critically important for managing moisture, especially during periods of rainfall. It is common to observe water within the tracks under these conditions; this is a normal function of the window's design to manage water. However, the presence of persistent puddles or overflow from the tracks may signal underlying issues. To address these concerns, it is advisable to:

Step 2: Assessing the Severity of Leaks

During instances of heavy, wind-driven rain, some accumulation of water in window tracks is to be anticipated. Windows are generally tested to withstand certain levels of water and wind pressure; however, extreme weather conditions can exceed these thresholds, leading to potential water ingress. When evaluating the severity of leaks, consider the following:

Step 3: Identifying Installation Errors

Improper installation practices are a common source of window leaks. Key areas of concern include:

Step 4: Correct Installation Techniques

Step 5: Post-Installation Checks and Maintenance

Step 6: When to Call a Professional


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